LignaPeat can be used to supplement Peat Moss or Coconut Coir or as a direct replacement in propagation or hydroponic growing applications. LignaPeat can be incorporated into the soil and provide long lasting organic matter. LignaPeat is manufactured from 100% Redwood products. Redwood has long been used in growing applications because of its natural resistance to decomposition, providing beneficial organic matter, longer. Any application where water retention and air space is desired LignaPeat will give your plants what they need. We have extensive test data that shows the beneficial properties of LignaPeat. Please feel free to contact us to receive results.

LignaPeat is a domestically produced organic alternative to mined peat moss. LignaPeat is manufactured from 100% pure, sustainably harvested Redwood fiber. Our material is captured from the processing of timber. No eco-systems are destroyed for the purpose of manufacturing LignaPeat. Every step of the way LignaPeat falls under US environmental regulations and is manufactured in strict compliance to those regulations. Our processing facility is carbon neutral. Our current delivery fleet is in the midst of a major update that will reduce our particulate discharge by 80%. Our delivery fleet is designed with optimal fuel-efficiency in mind and all of our stationary equipment is run with carbon neutral electricity.