Locally Produced

This keeps transportation costs down. Ligna Peats ingredients are harvested in California manufactured close to the source and locally distributed. Peat Moss traditionally is imported from thousands of miles away.

Reliable Availability

Ligna Peat is manufactured year-round resulting in a more reliable supply. Peat Moss harvest is at the mercy of Canadian winters which makes for volatile availability.

Inventory Costs

With Ligna Peat you can order the quantity you need. You will not have to carry a large inventory to insure against shortages in Peat Moss production.

Our Advantages 

Handling Costs

Ligna Peat is available in bulk. No more cutting bales, watering and breaking them apart before you can use them. Our Material lands to your facility ready to use, within five business days.

Environmental Sound

Our raw products are captured from the timber manufacturing process. Natural resources are not harvested for the specific purpose of making this material. Ligna Peat is manufactured from pure, clean, Redwood, sustainably harvested, locally. Our manufacturing facility is carbon neutral and our delivery fleet is powered by Bio Diesel. 


Ligna-Peat will offer you the same performance as Peat Moss at a much lower cost. Please contact us for a customized delivery quote.